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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali speaks about Satya in Sutra 2.36
“Satya pratithayam kirya phala asrayatvam”
Translated by Gary Kissiah to
“When the yogini is firmly established in truthfulness, she attains the fruits of actions without acting.” Tweet this!

The ancient wisdom tradition of yoga empowers us to observe our mind, connect to the breath, listen to the body, and I would add, to follow the heart. When we understand and shift the way we think, act and speak, our life changes.
As we begin to transform our perception, and understand that we are unique, with a special life story, skills, talents and gifts.
We begin to embrace who we truly are. We come to live our truth.

When we practice being truthful to ourselves and others, in words, thoughts, and deeds, we take steps towards embracing our authenticity.
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We no longer have to act out of the fear of wanting to be liked or to please others, but by being the best version of ourselves we can be at all times. You don’t have to act anymore and can just be the wonderful Goddess that you already are! The world is waiting for you to share your gifts, talents and uniqueness with the world. Are you ready to open your heart and shine that beautiful light that has been hidden within for so long?

Can you embrace your light and your shadow side and find a way to express yourself, be creative, playful, empowered, heard, loved, understood, and accepted for who you are?

What can you do today to express your inner Goddess, your truth, your joy? How can you go and shine your beautiful light out into the world today?

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It’s time to shine your light! ✨
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Tanja Alexandra Kern


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