You may have noticed that a regular yoga practice blesses you with many benefits.

The practice of yoga touches us on many levels and we carry what we learn and experience on our mats with us into our daily lives. Once I discovered the transformational powers of yoga I was hooked. This ancient practice has given me insight, awareness, stillness, support, encouragement, happiness, bliss and has brought up deeply stored emotions (which I didn’t even knew I was holding and was then able to let go), tears, and released stress, tension, and anxiety. Yoga has been a light on my path and has supported me in following my heart.
I am so grateful to be able to share my love of yoga and all its benefits with YOU!
Through guiding you in your yoga practice, Lunar Goddess class, workshops and life coaching I encourage you to find YOUR purpose, and start living the life you love and love the life you live. It is time to embrace who you are and shine! I believe in you and support you along the way!

Through my own practice and by teaching yoga I have discovered incredible transformational benefits that derive from a regular yoga practice. Speaking of which, it has been truly amazing to notice the progress and growth of each and every yogini who has been practicing with me over the past months. Some (of you) have started with me when I opened about 1.5 years ago and others have joined in over time. I acknowledge you for your commitment to your practice, am grateful to know, and to you and have you in my class(es).

8 Transformational Benefits of Yoga

1. Physical Health
Yoga helps support your immune system, regulates your blood pressure and heart rate, encourages weight-loss, reduces blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
Even in case of disease there are many yoga poses that are recommended to speed up the healing powers of the body. Breath work (pranayama) also benefits our health and overall well-being greatly.

2. Strength
You will notice, even just after a few weeks of regular yoga, that you are gaining strength. However, you are not only gaining muscle strengths but you are strengthening your mind and spirit at the same time. Your self-confidence increases, and you become a stronger person inside and out. This strength allows you to take care of yourself first and affirm yourself through kindness, love and compassion.

3. Flexibility
Yoga will show you the way to become more flexible without pushing yourself. The process will happen naturally and gradually. Here also, flexibility can be applied to the physical body as well as the mental and spiritual aspect. As we cultivate flexibility in our body, mind, and spirit, we are in the flow of life. We let go of resistance and open ourselves to new opportunities.

4. Balance
As we age, we tend to loose balance. And we all know that balance is so important to keep us upright, stable and safe! I remember that my grandmother was pretty healthy up until the moment she fell and broke her hip. To prevent falling accidents, yoga supports us in gaining more balance every time we practice. The more we balance, the better we get at it. At the same time, and you may have noticed this from your own practice, we balance our mind, emotions and spirit. When balancing, we focus at a still point (“Drishti” in Sanskrit), and practice “Dhahrana” (concentration). Both holding the “Drishti” and applying focus or concentration support us in accessing a few precious moments of stillness in the now.


Please let me know what transformational benefits you have been receiving from you yoga practice and add on to my list! I look forward to hearing from you!

Stay tuned for next week’s additional 4 Transformational Benefits of Yoga!

Have a wonderful day & fabulous weekend!



~ Tanja Alexandra Kern


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