Be Empowered ~ Santosha (Contentment)

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Greetings to you, lovely soul, and welcome our series of articles that aim to provide you with tools, inspiration, and insight on how to empower yourself.

The practice of yoga, optimally combined with additional wisdom traditions like aromatherapy, coaching, mediation, and energy healing, has a profound impact on the way we perceive life. It enhances our awareness, awakens the innate Goddess energy within, and offers powerful tools to become ...

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Did you miss it? 😮

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Did you miss the deadline to sign-up for the Spring Goddess Yoga Retreat? 😮

I understand that you are busy and not quite sure you can take time off work, find a baby sitter, pay the registration fee and travel costs, but I encourage you to accept my gift! 🎁

My gift to you ...

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Vernal Equinox Ritual to Welcome Spring

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Vernal Equinox, the start of the spring season on March, 20th, 2018 in the Northern Hemisphere (fall equinox in the Southern Hemisphere), marks the day when day and night are of equal length.
As nature moves from cold and darkness to light and warmth, we feel the potent energy vibrations of new beginnings, possibilities, dreams, renewal, growth, and transformation.
Since ancient times, the Earth Goddess ...
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Mendocino is calling!

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Greetings to you, lovely soul!

This is what the beautiful coast in Mendocino looks like.
I would like you to come and experience the magic of Mendocino by joining our Spring Goddess Yoga Retreat! You deserve this! Time for yourself. Breathing fresh ocean air. Time to relax and rejuvenate!
Take a day or the whole weekend. Make it yours!

I know that ...

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Exciting News! Spring Goddess Yoga Retreat Begins Open Enrollment

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Busy life?

No time?

Stressed out?



YOU are invited to join our one-day retreat on the Mendocino Coast!

Awaken your inner Goddess

2018 Spring Goddess Yoga Retreat

with Yoga Instructor and Empowerment Coach

Tanja Alexandra Kern



Answer “Yes” to 3 of the questions below
and this retreat is designed just for YOU!

  • Are you in need of some YOU time, self-care, ...
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Happy Thanksgiving

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Today I wish to extend my gratitude and appreciation to YOU!
I am grateful for your interest in living your life fully, following your dreams, pursuing your happiness, finding inner peace, and experiencing the joy of grace, love, compassion, kindness, and mindfulness! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey!

Did you know that cultivating gratitude boosts your happiness, health and relationships?
And ...

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Autumn Yoga Retreat Schedule

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Mendocino Healing
Autumn Yoga Retreat

At Little River Inn, 7901 N Highway 1, Little River, CA 95456


9.00 am              Yoga Session

10.15 am            Tea Break

10.30 am            Inspirational Coaching to support you in Self-Reflection & Letting Go

12.00 pm            Lunch

1.00 pm             Guided Meditation

1.30 pm             Yin Yoga

2.30 pm             Yoga Nidra


So excited to see you at the retreat!
Many blessings from my heart ...

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Autumnal Equinox Blessings

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“The moon shimmers in green water.
White herons fly through the moonlight.
The young man hears a girl gathering water-chestnuts:
into the night, singing, they paddle home together.”
~ Li Po

As we transition from summer to fall, we bid farewell to summer, maybe feeling sadness for the loss of summer, but striding confidently onward on our path, welcoming a new phase of our life, a ...

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Be the Change!

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Happy Friday to You! 💕

Often we are looking for the external environment to shift, and become frustrated when things are different from what we want. So we have to remember that, although we don’t have control over external circumstances, we can empower ourselves by creating an internal change. The outside world is a reflection of our inner reality. There is a ...

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Autumnal Equinox Yoga Celebration

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“Through celebrations in their season
are the deeper powers
of human nature realized.”

~Rudolf Steiner

As the days get shorter and the nights longer, nature asks us to slow down, and to go within. Here we can connect to our inner love, harmony and strength, nourishing and kindling our ...
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