3 ways to invite Synchronicity into your life

September 12, 2014
Tanja Alexandra Kern

P1020238Have you ever experienced that you arrive at work dressed in the same colors like your coworker? Have you been arranging to meet your friend for coffee and realize that you end up choosing to wear the same colors without communicating about it? Have you been thinking of someone in your life and then, without you doing anything about it, have that person call or email you out of the blue? Have you been thinking or saying the same thing at the same time than your loved one or someone close to you?


I have had the pleasure to work with my valued clients in a series of consecutive classes for a couple of weeks and I am amazed to say that we were all delighted and surprised to see that each time we got together we wore matching colors. I like to believe that it is magic at play, that we can only experience when we are fully present and aware of the now. Honestly, I don’t know how things like that are possible, but I know they happen. It appears that, by being in alignment with ourselves, we are somehow able to tap into a higher consciousness, a web of wisdom and interconnectedness. A place that allows us to become the witness, the observer, receive intuitive thoughts or emotions and connect with one another on a different level.

Surely many may say that all this is just a coincidence but I personally believe that there are no accidents. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes it takes time for us to find out what the (hidden) gift and opportunity for growth in a particular situation might have been.

Any time a synchronicity happens I like to pause and appreciate the fascinating, higher power that connects us all. There is no doubt then that a collective consciousness exists and when we become mindful and aware enough to perceive it, we experience the magic.


So what are some ways to invite synchronicity into your life?

  1. Mindfulness
    Becoming aware of and living the actual moment. Allowing your daily tasks to become rituals. So when you are washing the dishes, observing the sensation of water and soap on your hands, feeling the texture of the glass or plate and concentrating fully on this sole task. When drinking tea, feeling the cup touch your lips, indulging in the delicate flavor of your tea, smelling the tea and enjoying it fully. When practicing yoga, being focused on your asana (pose), feeling the body sensations, noticing your thoughts and emotions and being able to acknowledge and then release them. Being mindful sounds simple but it is not easy. It takes practice, compassion and patience.
  2. Meditation
    There are many ways to meditate. One easy way is to find a quiet location and to just sit peacefully with your eyes closed while you take a few deep breath. While thoughts come in just notice them and then set them on little imaginary clouds and allow them to float away. Coming back to concentrate on your breath allows you to draw yourself back into the present moment.
  3. Gratitude
    When we live a life of gratitude we express appreciation for what we have. An attitude of gratitude allows us to notice all the little (and big) things that we have and are surrounded by. We become aware of the gifts life has to offer. As a consequence we are open to all possibilities which only happen in the present moment.


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