What does it mean to live a health conscious life

May 29, 2014
Tanja Alexandra Kern

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Take just a minute, close your eyes and think about what it means for you to live a health conscious life….

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Do you take the time throughout the day to check in with yourself or are you too busy running around getting things done? It’s so easy to get entangled into checking off our daily to-do-lists that by the end of the day we feel tired and unbalanced. In today’s fast paced environment it seems impossible to take extra time for yourself yet it is crucial to our health, wellbeing and happiness. You know for yourself what a difference it makes to just take 5 minutes and close your eyes and concentrate on your conscious breathing, to meditate, to stop and smell a flower, to give somebody a hug and/or receive a hug, to drink your favorite cup of tea and be fully present while enjoying it. We are conditioned to think that if we take time for ourselves we are selfish. I myself grew up with the limiting and stressful statement “do your work first, then after you’re done, you can play”. But isn’t there always more work to do? Even after you are done with your job, the house needs to be cleaned, laundry needs to be done, the email needs to be send out, etc. It hasn’t been easy for me to change and shift that belief yet I feel way more balanced, peaceful and happy now that I don’t live to that self-limiting belief anymore. Of course I will still do the work but I also take the time to check in with myself throughout the day, to take a short meditation (or a long one), and do things for myself that bring me fulfillment and joy. These emotions created will be tangible for everyone around you and wouldn’t you want to touch others with love, fulfillment, happiness and joy instead of stress, fatigue and irritation?

Giving your full attention to everything you do throughout your day assures that you don’t miss a moment but are fully present, mindful and conscious.


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So again, what does it mean for your to live a health conscious life?


Living a health conscious life for me means spending quality time with my the person I love most in my life, allowing time to talk and listen to each other, to do my regular yoga practice, to meditate, appreciate, acknowledge, be mindful, grateful, loving and kind. It means eating lots of fresh vegetables, fruit and healthy grains, baking with healthy ingredients. Enjoying life, being healthy and happy.


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