The Time is Now

May 13, 2014
Tanja Alexandra Kern

Are you open to letting go of fear, anxiety and feelings of depression? Are you ready to change your outlook on life and enjoy life to the fullest?

“As long as we are consumed with our everyday problems–distress, regrets about the past or constant worries about the future–we cannot be free person; we are not able to live in the here and now.”
~ Thich Nhat Hanh


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When we begin to observe our mind we become aware of patterns of thoughts that either lead us to the past or the future. As we linger on past events words like “should” “shouldn’t have” etc. may spin in our heads making us feel down, empty, sad, guilty, angry, and the list goes on. Thoughts about the past may also trick you into reliving events in your life, while you are missing the most important moment in your life, which is right here and now. How often are we at work, talking to someone, taking a yoga class and our thoughts are already running to the next event, errand, person, class, meal, etc. Can we forgive others and ourselves for things that happened in the past and resist the pull to “live” in the future? How much are we ever fully present?

“It’s only a thought, and a thought can be changed.” Louise Hay

By “living” in the past oftentimes feelings of depression arise, by “living” in the future, feelings of anxiety and fear come up. We try to control things, even the smallest everyday things in our lives, to remain in control, to be safe. We all like to do it and it gives us a comforting feeling. Sometimes however life does not go in straight lines or turns out the way we imagine it, it might actually even turn out better, if we only surrender and trust that there is something bigger and way more powerful that is guiding us. Having the faith and trust that we are exactly where we are meant to be to learn and grow, to know deep in our heart that we are loved and protected by the Universe (God, Allah, Buddha, Gurus & Devas, Angels, Spiritual Guides, and what you personally believe in), allow us in the most gentle way to surrender, trust and be in the flow. Using our intentions, intuition/gut feeling/heart and emotions as our steering wheel ensures that we are drifting in the right direction. Once we trust fully with all our heart we can come back to the present moment, find comfort in the calm and steadiness of our breath. There is a connection between how we breathe and how we respond to the world around us.

“To the extent that we stop struggling against uncertainty and ambiguity, to that extent we dissolve our fear.” Pema Chodron

Are you ready to transform your life? Start today by living a fulfilled, peaceful and happy life by living fully in the present moment. Enjoy!



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