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“Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.”
~ Raymond Lindquist 

Everything is in constant flux and moves through the natural cycles of life. Energies change and shift in accordance with the seasons, the phases of the moon, and the laws of the universe.

“There will be a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.”
~ Louis L’Amour

Although we cannot control the ups and downs in life, ...

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Katelyn’s Transformational Story

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This is the beginning of a new chapter where YOU share your story about personal change, transformation, insights and accomplishments!

By telling your story, and following your heart you inspire others.

Together we can support, uplift and encourage each other to discover our potentials, and follow the paths of our hearts.

Thank you, Katelyn! I am so touched by your story and am so delighted and honored to have been guiding you on a part ...

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Happy Spring & Spring Equinox Yoga class

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This Sunday, March 20th, marks the beginning of spring. The first day of the new season, where the hours of daylight and darkness are perfectly balanced, celebrates the return of increasing light, warmth, growth and renewal.

The beginning of spring encourages us to shed old layers, habits, and things that no longer serve us and to embrace our inner light. It is a time of transformation; a time to unfold your wings and ...

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Niyamas ~ Yoga guidelines to live by ~ Svadhyaya

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Health is wealth.
Peace of mind is happiness.
Yoga shows the way.”
~ Swami Vishnudevananda


The fourth Niyama is

Svadhyaya स्वाध्याय

Yoga Sutra 2.44: Svadhyayad ista devata samprayogah

“Through self-study comes union with one’s chosen deity.”
~ Gary Kissiah

Like most yoga sutras, Svadhyaya has both an external and internal application.

The external practice implies the study of something that resonates with you. Studying something new that interests you is good for ...

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The Time is Now

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Are you open to letting go of fear, anxiety and feelings of depression? Are you ready to change your outlook on life and enjoy life to the fullest?

“As long as we are consumed with our everyday problems–distress, regrets about the past or constant worries about the future–we cannot be free person; we are not able to live in the here and now.”
~ Thich Nhat Hanh


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