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Today Sabine is sharing her personal story about personal change, transformation, insights and accomplishments!

Thank you for being so open to talk about your personal story, which will certainly inspire and encourage so many souls.

I am so grateful for your amazing transformation and it is my honor to be a part of your path!

With all my gratitude!


And now on to Sabine’s story…
I have practiced yoga with my wonderful teacher Tanja for over a year now.
We have worked hard together.

Sometimes I forget how far I have come. The changes have been monumental – not only has my strength increased tremendously but I have changed as a person.

It is the constant reminder from Tanja, that we are perfect the way we are, that we don’t have to compete, that we say the truth, that we are compassionate and giving and that we accept what is here right now, that has changed the way I am in the world.

In class, sometimes I get frustrated with my body; I fall over; can’t keep my balance; sometimes I cry as emotions overwhelm me but I would be devastated if I couldn’t practice with Tanja.

The pains in my body are much less and my flexibility has increased so much and putting all the benefits together I can only recommend yoga to everyone.

After all, I am 78 years old and if I can do it, so can you!


It’s been so amazing to watch Sabine’s body, mind, and spirit change in front of my eyes. Her blissful glow after yoga practice is precious and fulfilling. I am so pleased and honored to be a part of Sabine’s journey!
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Tanja Alexandra Kern


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