Tanja Alexandra Kern

It’s a New Year!
Let the new You shine!

Boost your energy and vitality;
Invite serenity and peacefulness;
Manifest your Dreams;
Balance your body, mind, spirit and emotions!
Take your yoga practice deeper and your awareness to a new level!

Come and explore the “New Year ~ New You” Workshop that targets all of the above.
You can pick and choose; Attend the whole workshop or an individual session.
(Each 75-minute class starts at 4.00 p.m.)

Yoga ~ Energy & Detox        Wednesday, January 13         $20

Boost your health and well-being by stimulating your circulatory and lymphatic system. Cleanse and balance your body, mind, spirit, and emotions!


Meditation & Pranayama      Wednesday, January 20         $25

 We will explore different breathing techniques, that you can apply during your yoga practice, in your every day life or in specific situations to soothe, calm and center yourself.
Once we calmed our minds through the power of our conscious breathing, the workshop will guide you through a few simple meditation techniques.


Manifest Your Dreams            Wednesday, January 27        $50

Identify your dreams, and find ways to manifest them. Explore and release ‘road blocks’ and open yourself to new possibilities.

The Art of Yin & Yang Yoga    Wednesday, February 3        $20

You will begin with calming Yin Yoga to connect to your breath and surrender into your poses. From this center of serenity you will start to move through a Yang inspired practice, elevating your heart beat while staying connected to your breath, and then come back to completing your class with soothing and calming Yin poses.

The total value of the workshops is $115. Book the full package for $90 and save $25!
Please email me (Tanja@MendocinoHealing.com) to reserve your spot.
I look forward to hearing from you!


Tanja Alexandra Kern


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