Greetings to you, beautiful soul, and welcome to part three of our new series of articles that aim to provide you with tools, inspiration, and insight on how to empower yourself.
Today I encourage You to Uplift Your Vibe by finding Your Tribe! (Tweet this!)
Have you ever noticed the tense energy when you walk into a room where people just had a big argument versus the exhilarating feeling of being surrounded by happy, kind and loving people?
As you read this, I know that you have been working on yourself. I acknowledge you for taking the courage to look within, investing in your self-care as well as personal development. When we do the work we cannot help but change and grow.
As a result you notice how your emotions elate when you surround yourself with like-minded, uplifting, honest and kind people that are on the same energy vibration as you are, and how others, (still possibly very nice people) who simply are on different level of awareness, may drain your energy, leaving you feel depleted, tired, restless, sad or angry after interacting with them.
Self-care includes listening to your heart, gut, intuition and emotions in respect to your relationships. (Tweet this!)
Surround yourself only with those who lift you up, encourage you, listen with an open heart, provide honest and compassionate advice, make you laugh, wipe your tears and give you hugs when you need them. You know you can count on them and together you uplift each other to new heights and possibilities.
It may not always be possible to avoid challenging relationships, or people with strong emotions as well as lower levels of consideration and awareness. If you have them in your life, they may be teaching you a lesson, trigger some shadow side qualities deep with yourself, or simply show you the contrast. I recommend to treat them with respect, accept them for who they are, and, if possible, limit your interaction with them to where you feel comfortable.
Your vibe attracts your tribe, so check in with yourself on a regular basis.
What’s going on in your life right now and how does that affect your own vibrations, intentions, thought, actions and emotions?
What are the qualities within yourself that support you in connecting with like-minded, encouraging and inspirational people?
Please share your thoughts, insights, ideas and comments on the Mendocino Healing webpage, Facebook, Instagram, or via email.
Empowering yourself starts from within. In the upcoming articles we’ll continue to look at ways to empower ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
It’s time to shine your light! ✨
Many blessings from my heart to yours ?


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