Greetings to you, beautiful soul, and welcome to part four of our series of articles that aim to provide you with tools, inspiration, and insight on how to empower yourself.

Today I encourage bring ease into your life by deleting just one word from your vocabulary!

This one word provides great power in beating yourself up over what you could have done differently, how you are supposed to be, look, act, speak, work, think, etc. 

All I ask you today is to delete and replace the word “should”/”shouldn’t” with more empowering words, like I choose to, I can, I decide not to, etc.

Instead of beating yourself up over a past event where you “should” have done things differently, see if you can reframe it and acknowledge yourself for having done the best you could at that situation, and all the things you learnt from it.

The next time you hear your mind saying “I should do more yoga” feel the privilege of having a healthy body and mind to be able to practice yoga. Notice the difference. (Tweet this!)

I invite you to give it a try. Start with just banning the word “should/shouldn’t” from your vocabulary for one day. See how it goes. If it works for you, practice noticing every time you use the word and find ways to replace it with more empowering terms. 

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Empowering yourself starts from within. In the upcoming articles we’ll continue to look at ways to empower ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It’s time to shine your light! ✨
Many blessings from my heart to yours ?


Tanja Alexandra Kern


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