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Greetings to you, lovely soul, and welcome our series of articles that aim to provide you with tools, inspiration, and insight on how to empower yourself.

“Svarūpa (Sankrit): One’s own form or shape. Your own condition, character, nature. Your own peculiar character. Wise, learned. The shape of your own soul.”
~ Lorin Roche, PhD 

Today I am here to remind you that we all have a story to tell. Your life experiences create a unique and powerful story that only you are able to tell.

When you take a moment to reflect on how all these events led you up to where you are today, you may realize how far you have come. No matter how challenging you past has been, you have kept on finding new ways to learn and grow. All events in your life are like little pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. You may not understand the meaning of a single one, but when you put them together you can eventually see the big picture. Just remember the times, when one door closed and another opened, or when you made an important choice and it led you to an amazing new opportunity? Even though you made mistakes, I know that you did the very best you could at that given moment.

Let’s just look at your yoga practice for a moment. Can you acknowledge yourself where you are from when you started, even if you are very new to it. Are you open to enjoying the journey, surrounding into the pose, and finding acceptance instead of judgment? Take these observation off the mat with you and continue to cultivate those qualities. Let me remind yourself, that you are enough. Just the way you are.

Your energy attracts people who have similar life experiences, values and visions. These lovely souls are here so you can lift each other up, offer support, appreciation and inspiration. When you find people who love you for who you are, it becomes easier to truly accept yourself. Then you can begin to see the challenging relationships in your life as a way to work on yourself, or to set clear boundaries.

When other people choose to live in a way that you don’t approve of, remember that your story is as special and unique as everybody else’s.  We are all on a journey, some more awake and aware than others, but that’s okay. It’s not about comparison, it’s about realizing that we are in charge of our story. What do you want yours to be?

I encourage you to make it an inspiring one.

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Empowering yourself starts from within. In the upcoming articles we’ll continue to look at ways to empower ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It’s time to shine your light! ✨

Many blessings from my heart to yours ?



Tanja Alexandra Kern


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