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Greetings to you, lovely soul, and welcome our series of articles that aim to provide you with tools, inspiration, and insight on how to empower yourself.

We all have the tendency to think that we are not good enough, not quite ready, that we just need to take one more course, loose more weight, find the right partner, get into that challenging yoga pose, get the perfect job, have more money, that then, we can be truly happy. You know it’s a trap, and yet, it’s so easy to fall into it again and again, isn’t it? You get so busy trying to make a living, that you forget to live. You postpone the enjoyment to a time when you have things accomplished.

I am here to tell you that you have what it takes, right now, in this very moment, to be happy. Just ponder on all the blessings in your life, from the very small to the big ones, and notice how lucky you really are. Click to Tweet

You are most likely reading this on your smart phone or computer. How fortunate you are to have good eyesight to read, a functioning brain to understand, your amazing hands and arms to hold your device and scroll down, and being the owner of that gadget you are using.

You don’t have to postpone happiness any longer. However, I encourage you to still become clear on what it

 is you are wanting in your life. What are you dreams? What makes your heart sing? Take the steps to walk in the direction of your dream, while enjoying the journey. What qualities that you are working towards can you already feel in your life right now? Can you match the energy vibration of that which you want to attract?

Now is the time to open your beautiful heart to the present moment; to who you truly are and to the inner peace and happiness that is already available to you. Click to Tweet

The following yoga pose is a wonderful way to open you heart center and release tension in the shoulders.

Get two yoga blocks (or use a bolster) and place them towards the end of your mat. For more comfort, you may consider patting them with a blanket. Place the first block (on the low, medium or high level – I recommend starting with the lowest setting) right about where your shoulders will be when you lie down and the set up the other block, I recommend in the medium setting, right about where you head will be. Gently find you way onto your back. The first block should be right your shoulder-blades, and your head should be able to comfortably rest on the second block. You can always adjust the blocks to your needs.
Bend your knees and bring you feet about mat distance apart, then drop your knees in towards each other. Rest your arms alongside your body or, for a deeper shoulder stretch, bring them up to shoulder level or all the way over head.
Listen to your body, connect to your breath and stay here for as long as you like. When you are ready, gently roll over to one side and make your way back to seated. Feel the effect of this pose on your body.

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Empowering yourself starts from within. In the upcoming articles we’ll continue to look at ways to empower ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It’s time to shine your light! ✨
Many blessings from my heart to yours ?


Tanja Alexandra Kern


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