Smudging Tutorial ~ How to smudge with Sage

February 8, 2019
Tanja Alexandra Kern

The ceremony of smudging has been a tool for spiritual cleansing since ancient times. The fragrant ritual of burning sage helps remove and purify negative energies.
You may wish to use it especially when 

  • moving into a new home
  • in a room where negative energy was created by arguments, fights, or illness
  • antiques, used or pre-owned objects
  • to clear your own and someone else’s energy
  • to cleanse and purify crystals
  • keeping your workplace harmonious, especially after stressful assignments 
  • renting or purchasing a new place to start your own business

The Smudging Ritual
Get a bundle or loose sage leaves and a fireproof plate or bowl. Some people like to use abalone shells, but you can easily use a ceramic pot, or any safe container. Make sure to be safe whatever you choose to use and to keep your hands away from the hot surface.

Set your intention and create an affirmation if you wish. For example “May negative energies be transformed into light, love, and happiness.”

As you light the dried sage repeat your affirmation or prayer, and then either slowly walk around the room, move it around a person, crystal or object, or use a feather to gently guide the smoke in your desired direction.

When you are complete, take a moment to close your eyes, and feel the shift of the energies.

Happy smudging!

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Tanja Alexandra Kern


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