Yoga product review ~ Manduka PRO mat

May 2, 2016
Tanja Alexandra Kern

It’s so important to own the right mat for your yoga practice.
After many years of trying out different brands of yoga mats, it is time for me to find my soul mat.
And I want to support you in finding the right mat for you!
In the coming weeks I will be reviewing three different Manduka mats.

Today’s review features the Manduka PRO mat.

I would like to mention how grateful and excited I am to be a new ambassador for Manduka!
As much as it is an honor and privilege to be Manduka’s ambassador, I would like to reassure you that my reviews of yoga products remain unbiased and honest.

Manduka is a Sanskrit word and means ‘Frog’. So that is why you see a cute little frog at the corner of their mats. The frog represents the most environmentally sensitive species on earth and stands as a reminder to think about the Earth first in everything we do. Therefore, Manduka is conscious about highest quality materials, as well as sustainability and offers the PRO series with a lifetime guarantee.

The mat arrived in perfect condition, was easy to unroll and lay flat right from the start. (The edges don’t curl up when rolling the mat up with the top side outwards.)
There were no odors to the mat. It looks beautiful and I really like that it does not show marks from my practice due to its texture (and color?). The mat is a little heavier and is therefore my designated studio mat. The reason it is heavier is because it offers extra cushion (6 mm or 1/4” thick), and is about three inches longer and two inches wider than standard yoga mats. I appreciate the extra space! It doesn’t seem like much, but it makes all the difference. For once, I can place my forehead on the mat instead of the floor when preparing for Shalabhasana (Locus pose).
Again, this mat is heavier, so I would not recommend it if you regularly carry your mat to your yoga studio or take it on road trips. It is the perfect mat to be spread out for your daily practice though; a “home mat”. 🙂

PRO mats come with a thin surface film which Manduka promises comes off by practicing on the mat. Indeed the mat seemed a bit slidey on the first few days of practicing on it, yet, fortunately got better by the day. After less than a week the mat already offers a good grip and keeps me from slipping even in a sweaty Vinyasa practice. In addition the bottom part does not only look pretty (rich purple color) but it sticks to the floor and prevents the mat from sliding and bunching up.

Manduka promises that sustainable engineering ensures high quality material that will not peel, flake or fade and that the product improves with use over time.
Now that is amazing!
Also, the extra length, width and luxurious cushioning make a difference to my yoga practice by adding extra comfort and joint protection.

I am very pleased to have found my yoga studio soul mat! It’s an all natural mat with a lifetime guarantee that looks beautiful, feels amazing, offers grip, comfort, and I love it!

Thank you, Manduka for creating a lasting, all-natural, and amazing yoga mat!

Dearest yogi, I am happy to recommend the PRO mat to you for your home practice or a leave-in-the-studio mat.

Stay tuned for more reviews on Manduka yoga mats.

I am considering becoming an affiliate of Manduka, so if you are interested in purchasing a Manduka mat for yourself or a friend, I would appreciate if you could contact me.

Let me know if you have any questions and I am always happy to receive your feedback!

Many blessings and Namasté,


Tanja Alexandra Kern


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