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Today’s review features the Recycled Foam Blocks in alameda by Manduka.

After practicing with these blocks for a few months now and hearing great feedback from my yoga students I thought it appropriate to write a review about Manduka’s yoga blocks.

I wouldn’t have thought that these blocks could make such a difference but they really do! Most blocks are very light-weight, and that is great for taking them places, but also makes them more wobbly.
Manduka’s blocks are a little heavier (still portable) which allows them to offer unique density, firmness, durability, support and stability. They feel soft to the touch, are grippy and comfortable to use whether lying, sitting, or placing your hands or head on them.

Another fun detail that I appreciate is that Manduka imprinted the inspiring words “Practice on” on one side of the blocks and I love the motivational intention.

Also, last but not least, these blocks are eco-friendly and sustainable. Each block contains a blend of postindustrial and post-consumer recycled EVA foam without compromising durability or performance.

They look pretty and blue-green alameda is a lovely color. It would be wonderful if Manduka would consider offering additional colors (e.g. like purple)

I absolutely love these blocks and highly recommend them! If you are one of my amazing yoga students and haven’t used them before make sure to check them out the next time.

In case you want to get your own pair of blocks please head over to my website and click on the Manduka banner to go through my affiliate account and save 10% on your order, or simply click HERE.

Thank you for your interest and support!

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Tanja Alexandra Kern

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