Spring Equinox Yoga Celebration

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“Spring is a time to find out where you are,
who you are,
and move toward where you are going.”

~ Penelope Trunk

Tuesday, March 20th, marks the beginning of spring. The first day of the new season, where the hours of daylight and darkness are perfectly balanced, celebrates the return of increasing light, warmth, growth and renewal.

The ...

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Exciting News! Spring Goddess Yoga Retreat Begins Open Enrollment

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Busy life?

No time?

Stressed out?



YOU are invited to join our one-day retreat on the Mendocino Coast!

Awaken your inner Goddess

2018 Spring Goddess Yoga Retreat

with Yoga Instructor and Empowerment Coach

Tanja Alexandra Kern



Answer “Yes” to 3 of the questions below
and this retreat is designed just for YOU!

  • Are you in need of some YOU time, self-care, ...
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6 Ways to Cultivate Love

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“You cannot make someone love you.
You can only make yourself someone who can be loved.”
~ Derek Gamba

Create a strong foundation of fulfillment and happiness in your life by cultivating love, on Valentine’s Day and every day! Boost your love tank with the following 6 practices and notice the changes within and around you.

1. Embrace Love

Let ...

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Healing Crystals for Your Astrological Sign

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The powerful energies of crystals can improve and balance your life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Planets as well as celestial bodies (like the sun and moon that we all have in our natal charts) and our sun sign correspond to specific crystals; however, I would always encourage you to choose the stone that you are drawn to. You may be naturally ...

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6 Ways to Enhance Your Focus during Yoga

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Staying focused and mindful during yoga can greatly improve your practice.
Being in the now allows you to stay balanced, go deeper, and support you to fully integrate your practice.
When you are present each moment of your life, you live life fully and experience the richness of it. That is not always very easy because we all live busy lives.

How ...

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Today I wish to extend my gratitude and appreciation to YOU!
I am grateful for your interest in living your life fully, following your dreams, pursuing your happiness, finding inner peace, and experiencing the joy of grace, love, compassion, kindness, and mindfulness! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey!

Did you know that cultivating gratitude boosts your happiness, health and relationships?
And ...

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Relaxing Yoga Sequence for Fall

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In the ancient tradition of Ayurveda late fall and winter is known as “Vata Season”. It can best be characterized by strong movement of the wind and thoughts, cold and dryness.
Therefore fall is a time to turn inward, keep warm, and nourish yourself with good sleep, warming foods as well as yoga and meditation. It is the season to spend more time indoors, light some candles, turn on some soothing music and have a hot cup of tea. Now ...

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Autumn Yoga Retreat Schedule

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Mendocino Healing
Autumn Yoga Retreat

At Little River Inn, 7901 N Highway 1, Little River, CA 95456


9.00 am              Yoga Session

10.15 am            Tea Break

10.30 am            Inspirational Coaching to support you in Self-Reflection & Letting Go

12.00 pm            Lunch

1.00 pm             Guided Meditation

1.30 pm             Yin Yoga

2.30 pm             Yoga Nidra


So excited to see you at the retreat!
Many blessings from my heart ...

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Ignite Your Magic

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Hi You,

Just wanted to remind you how amazing you are!

You are beautiful! And remember that beauty comes from within! When you ignite your inner light, it can shine through!

You are wise. All it takes is to cultivate stillness and listen to the whispers of your soul.

You are strong. Stronger than you think. Discover your authentic life purpose (dharma) and never give up on your dreams!

The practice of yoga supports us in shifting ...

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