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I have had the opportunity to try out many different yoga products over the years of my practicing yoga.

I decided to begin writing product reviews after receiving requests for yoga product recommendations from my students and friends.

It can be challenging purchasing new yoga apparel, so I’m here to help you!

Today I will be reviewing yoga pants from Downward Dog Miami.
In the photo I am wearing the Pink Panther Yoga Capris.

The delivery was fast. The pants look and feel good.
I washed them in cold water with other synthetics and they came out beautifully.

I was initially skeptical to try out form fitting yoga pants but after putting them on, they felt like a second skin. The fabric is durable but soft and smooth. My concern was that the patterns and tightness would make my thighs look bigger, or that they would feel cold on my legs. They feel true to size, and fit well. The pants offer good compression, feel comfortable, for me they keep me warm, and look great! I especially love the fact that Downward Dog Miami added a few inches to the waistband. I am pleased that you cannot see through them.

They allow free movement during my practice, and I notice that it is easier to see my toes in a lunge with pants that are form fitting. They stay snug with every move (including inversions). That being said, I would love to have the fabric around the waist offer a bit more compression. It isn’t rolling down but feels just a little loose.

I received many compliments on these pants! All in all I love my fun, very comfortable and stylish Pink Panther Capris!
Thank you Downward Dog Miami for creating these great yoga pants.
To you, my dear Yogini, I would definitely recommend them.

If you have any questions, please let me know.
More reviews to come!

The very best wishes and many blessings,


Tanja Alexandra Kern

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