Yoga product review ~ Essential Legging & Mesh Halter Cami by Manduka

September 26, 2016
Tanja Alexandra Kern
Today’s review features the Essential Legging in Kanoko (blue) & Mesh Halter Cami in black by Manduka.

The Essential Legging in Kanoko and the black Mesh Halter Cami look stunning together and make me feel graceful practicing yoga and beyond.

Both the legging and cami feel like a second skin as I move through my yoga practice.

The very stretchy material of the legging as well as the wide waistband support every move, provide coverage, comfort, and ease. The length, shape, and design of the pants are great and I really appreciate that they stay put no matter the pose. These pants look chic for yoga, as well as combined with a pair of sandals or boots for going out.

The cami nicely hugs the body, and stays in place through forward-folds, back-bends and inversions. The simple but pretty design with a beautiful Y-strap makes it a classic.
The stretchy material supports every breath and movement while feeling super comfortable.
The yoga top comes with a built-in shelf bra with removable cookies. The cookies seem a little thin and need readjustment every time I put on the cami. Once fixed they stay in place and offer nice support.
The material of both the legging and cami is very comfortable and I appreciate that Manduka makes mindful choices about the fabric, keeping the health of both the earth and yogi in mind. After multiple washes the pants and tank top have been retaining their color, texture and shape. They breathe well, feel very smooth and are super stretchy.

I love everything about this beautiful Essential Legging and appreciate the lovely Mesh Halter Cami!
Without doubt, I definitely recommend both to you, dearest Yogi!

I believe in the quality of Manduka and have been loving each and every one of their products so far.

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Tanja Alexandra Kern


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