What are Chakras and how to balance them

August 15, 2014
Tanja Alexandra Kern

Chakra means ‘Wheel’ in Sanskrit and relates to energy centers in our bodies which are, referring to the seven main chakras, generally located along the length of the spine. Each chakras vibrates at different frequencies affecting our mental, physical and spiritual bodies and wellbeing. Ensuring that our chakras remain clear and balanced is crucial to our wellbeing, health and feelings of contentment and peace.


When a chakra gets blocked, which may be caused by a traumatic experience, fear, stress or anxiety, it triggers physical, emotional, or mental imbalances.

If one chakra gets of of balance it oftentimes simultaneously affects the neighboring energy centers which tend to overcompensate causing further issues. Hence, when the alignment of the chakra network gets interrupted you may feel out of balance in your life, experience anxiety, restlessness, poor digestion, or lethargy.

For example if the heart chakra is blocked or depleted it may prevent someone from giving or receiving love and trigger the person to make choices out of fear instead of love and trust. So in this case it may also affect the throat chakra which is above to the heart chakra, making it more difficult for someone to speak their truth and the solar plexus chakra, which is located below the heart chakra, triggering feelings of low self-esteem.

Keeping your chakras balanced, clear and aligned is therefore very important. How can we achieve that?


There are many ways to cleanse and balance your chakras. Here are some ideas for you to consider. You may achieve successful results with applying just one of the below techniques or combine several for amazing results.

Tanja F DSC_9739     YOGA

A well balanced yoga class, addressing body, mind and spirit, may release feelings of agitation and anxiety and as a consequence harmonize and energize imbalanced chakras. Yoga enhances the natural flow of our energy and can make amazing internal shifts happen for us.


lavender     AROMATHERAPY

Essential Oils, used correctly, can help ease a range of ailments naturally and effectively. Aromatherapy works on body, mind and spirit and aims to achieve overall balance, wellbeing and optimal health.



Energy Healing     ENERGY WORK

Energy Work that targets Chakra Balancing offers a wonderful way to align and balance your chakras. Here, you have the option to relax while your chakras are being cleansed and balanced or, if you wish, participate through visualization.




Guided meditation allows you to explore and understand your chakras while you balance, cleanse and realign them.

If you already know about Chakras and their corresponding colors you could use the following visualization to cleanse and balance your chakras:

Breathe in the color related to the chakra deeply, fill your lungs and body with the color, focusing on the chakra, draw in the color and each time you exhale breathe our old energy to cleanse and heal the area. Continue with each chakra to bring them to full alignment.

A couple of good affirmation examples for the base chakra would be “I am safe and protected” or “I am grounded and secure”.


  • photo-25   GEMSTONES

Wearing particular gemstones may help keep your energy and chakras in balance.



If you have any questions or would like more information about Chakras please contact me.

Happy Chakra Balancing!


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