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A new collection of handmade earrings

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Mendocino Healing now offers a new collection of handmade earrings!

“In the midst of our lives
we must find the magic
that makes our souls soar”

All Earrings are hand made
with love and the intention of
bringing happiness to you.




The materials are sterling silver made in the USA and UK. All stones are real crystals.

The photo on the left ...

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Holiday Gift Ideas

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The holidays are just around the corner. And you can never be too early to get a meaningful gift for a loved one, can you? So here are some ideas for your consideration…

Treat yourself or a loved one to an all natural aromatherapy product, custom-made to meet your needs.

And for that special girlfriend, daughter, sister, niece, mom, auntie, granddaughter, granny, cousin, or, of course yourself, I ...

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