Reiki – A Definition

Reiki is the Universal Life Force Energy available to everyone from the Divine Source. Reiki is not a religion and therefore embraces all creeds, and all beliefs. Reiki effects, heals and balances body, mind, spirit and emotions.
Because Reiki energy works on all levels, the cause is being treated as well as the resulting illness and its symptoms. Reiki helps the body heal itself while it supports relaxation, balance, and overall well-being.
We are therefore instruments of this natural healing energy and as we transmit the energy, we are being harmonized at the same time, receiving a treatment as we are giving one. The more we use Reiki, the more our own channel is cleared and the stronger and more effective it becomes.


In your Reiki I training you will:
• Learn about what Reiki is
• The History of Reiki
• Explore the sensation of energy
• Learn about the Reiki’s guiding principles
• Understand the history of Reiki
• Be taught how to conduct healing sessions and a chakra balancing
• How to use Reiki
• Be attuned to Reiki I
• Practice using your new healing abilities

• Professionally prepared 50-page manual
• In-person instruction with time for questions
• Healing Attunement to Reiki I
• Hand Positions for self and others
• Meditation
• Steps to Integrate the Principles of Reiki
• Overview of the Seven Main Chakras
• Time to practice your new skills
• A “Certificate of Completion” verifying that you are a Reiki I Practitioner, which makes you eligible to offer Reiki healing sessions to the public.


Reiki II is a more advanced application of the energy, concentrating more on the subtle, or etheric body, rather than the physical. During the course, students are initiated into the three sacred symbols of the degree, which increases the power of the energy and allows the practitioner to project the Reiki energy at a distance, effecting a powerful form of absent healing.

Reiki II also helps the practitioner to focus the energy to remove and heal mental and emotional blocks in the client. For example, the practitioner would be able to support clients suffering from depression, addictions, emotional trauma, and whole range of other mental and emotional issues.

Reiki II symbols can also be used to create powerful positive affirmations, cleanse negative energy from objects, rooms, etc., as well as empower situations and people, and can also be used for psychic protection. There are a multitude of further applications for the symbols, all of which are taught during the Reiki II workshop.
Reiki II Distant Healing and Mental/Emotional Healing symbols are also integrated. This class expands upon Reiki I techniques and attunes you to higher frequencies of energy.
In your Reiki II training you will:
• Enhance your Reiki energies
• Receive your Healing Attunment to Reiki II
• Initiation to 3 Sacred Reiki symbols that focus on:
• Mental healing
• Emotional healing
• Distant Healing (across time and space)
• Practice using your new symbols during healing sessions
• Discover ways to use Reiki for
• Psychic Protection
• Clearing Energies
• Create Powerful Positive Affirmations
• To Empower Situations and People
• To Heal Past Events
• Chakra Balancing

• Professionally prepared 30-page manual.
• In-person instruction with time for questions.
• Attunement to 2 Usui Reiki symbols and 2 non-traditional Reiki symbols.
• Time to practice your new skills.
• A “Certificate of Completion” verifying that you are a Reiki II Practitioner.


Reiki III introduces you to the powerful Usui Master Symbol. This level heals the spiritual body and soul and increases the strength of your Reiki energy.
With Reiki III you will have achieved Master Level and will be attuned to all symbols.
During the Reiki III portion of the course, you will:
• Be attuned to the Usui Master Symbol that operates on a higher frequency and brings into use a higher level of divine power
• Can be used to empower and bless activities
• Empowers the manifestation or personal transformation work
• Soul level healing

• Professionally prepared 25-page manual.
• Attunement the Usui Master symbols which expand the effectiveness of the Reiki II symbols and increase the strength of your Reiki energy
• How to program and clear crystals and stones with Reiki
• Learn about the Spiritual Heart
• Understand the Seven Levels of Consciousness
• Guided meditation connecting you to your Reiki guides
• A “Certificate of Completion” verifying that you participated in an Advanced Reiki Training (ART) course.


In Reiki IV you learn how to teach Reiki, and how to attune others to all Reiki levels. You will be a Reiki Master Teacher, able to heal others and convey your wisdom by teaching Reiki to others.
• A professionally prepared 33-page manual.
• In-person instruction and time for questions
• Attunement to Reiki IV
• Guided Reiki Meditation
• Reiki Meditation on Manifesting Goals
• The Chakra System
• Attunement Symbols
• Instruction on how to give Reiki attunement for all levels and time to practice your new skills
• Values of a Reiki Master Teacher
• A “Certificate of Completion” verifying that you participated in Reiki IV and are now a Reiki Master Teacher.