Tanja Alexandra Kern

The holidays are just around the corner. And you can never be too early to get a meaningful gift for a loved one, can you? So here are some ideas for your consideration…

Treat yourself or a loved one to an all natural aromatherapy product, custom-made to meet your needs.

And for that special girlfriend, daughter, sister, niece, mom, auntie, granddaughter, granny, cousin, or, of course yourself, I offer handmade earrings.

Or maybe you would like to surprise your loved one with a wellness gift. Why not get him/her some Yoga classes, a Chakra Balancing, Coaching or Energy Healing session? I would be happy to create a special gift card for you.




  • Spray Essences, 2oz. glass bottle
    $15 each incl. taxes

    • Awake & Alert (provides a boost of energy to stay awake and focused
    • Cheer Me Up (brings sunshine, joy and smiles into your day)
    • Relaxed & Balanced (grounding, soothing and harmonizing)
    • Yoga Mat Cleansing Spray (spray mat before your practice to cleanse your mat and energize your senses)
    • Chakra Essences (available for all 7 chakras)
    • Happy Travel (Anti Jet Lag & Stay Healthy)
    • Irresistibly You (flowery sensual notes carry you to exotic summer nights)
    • Feeling Confident (boosts your confidence with a hint of playfulness)
    • Meditation (calming, meditative, zen)


  • Respiratory Healing Balm ($15)
    Organic Coconut Oil with potent antibacterial and antiviral essential oil to rub on your chest at night for early cold prevention or when congested with a cold.
  • Oil Essences
    customized to your specific needs,
    price depending on ingredients and size of bottle

    • Facial Oil Blend
    • Massage Oil Blend
  • Cedarwood and Juniper Aftershave, 4oz. glass bottle ($20)
    all natural, antiseptic, deep and woody fragrance
  • All natural Hand Sanitizer
    with moisturizing aloe vera and antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungal and antiseptic essential oils, cooling, and even helps relieve itching
    available in 1oz ($8) or 2oz ($14) bottles
  • Rich and Royal Regeneration Flower Cream
    highly fragrant, nourishing and luxurious creme fit for a queen
    price depending on size of jar

I am here to answer any questions, provide more information or hear about your special request!

Order your essence today! Stop by for the full display of available earrings or let me know what you would like. I am happy to custom make your earrings (colors/Christmas theme/etc.)

I look forward to hearing from you!



~ Tanja Alexandra Kern


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