Feeling Gratitude

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As we are heading closer to the American holiday “Thanksgiving”, I am dedicating the blogs leading up to it, to Gratitude.

Practicing gratitude rewards us with fulfillment, happiness, and abundance. When we appreciate all our blessings, we attract more of those in to our lives.

Today, I would like to to explore with you, where gratitude resides in our bodies.

Are you ready to go on an exploration in search of gratitude with me?
Great! I am glad you’ll be joining me.

Let’s get started by closing your eyes and taking a few rounds of smooth, long and steady breaths.
Now slowly begin to bring your awareness to someone or something that you are grateful for in your life. Continue to focus on that specific being, thing or circumstance that you are grateful for and now feel from within…

Where do you sense the gratitude and how does it feel? Do you feel it in your chest area, heart, or belly, is it a warm, tingling or expansive sensation? Does it have a color, or maybe even a fragrance? Just stay open to your experience and allow what is coming to you. If nothing is coming up, don’t worry. Acknowledge yourself for trying and know that at least you may feel a little more relaxed after taking some rounds of deep breaths.

When you are ready open your eyes. How do you feel? What did you discover?

I would love to hear from you! Drop me an email, leave a comment on my blog post webpage or on the Mendocino Healing Facebook page.

With gratitude,


~ Tanja Alexandra Kern

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