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July 28, 2017
Tanja Alexandra Kern






Dearest Yogi, Wellness Client, Friend, and Reader,


I am super excited to announce that I am featured one of

the Best Yoga Teachers on Sports and the City®!

Woohoo!  ✨



But wait, there’s more!

Mendocino Healing has been featured one the

Best Yoga Studios in the United States

on Sports and the City®!

If you are (or have been) a yoga student at Mendocino Healing, you may find yourself in some of the photos! So click on the link above and check it out!

I am so honored to have Mendocino Healing being featured as one of the Best Yoga Studios in the United States!

And I am very grateful to all my amazing yogis who have made Mendocino Healing what it is today. Thank you for all of your insights, ideas, and inspirations over the years! You are true teachers and I feel so honored and grateful to be a part of your journey! Thank you for being part of the amazing Mendocino Healing community!

And now I would like to introduce you to Megan Lin and Sports and the City®.

By the way all photos (except the one of me in blue above) are of the beautiful Megan Lin, founder of Sports and the City®.

Megan Lin, founder of Sports and the City®, was working in the finance industry in NYC for many years. “In the fiercely competitive environment of finance industry, it is easy to feel stressed out and lose balance of life.” Megan started to practice yoga and encouraged friends, coworkers, and family to join her. “The pace of life in a big city like NYC is so fast that everyone seems to walk faster, act quicker and not really have time to appreciate life.” We must not take life for granted. It is important to improve the health and wellness awareness of the public.” Megan left her job in finance and founded Sports and the City® with the goal to promote sports and fitness in the cities.
“Yoga is a very trendy sport. It helps build our mental faculties and improve our ability to focus.” “There are so many yoga brands in the market, and the price and quality of yoga products vary a lot. Sports and the City® has as its mission to provide yoga practitioners with affordable yoga products of high quality.”
Sports and the City® cares about the health and the environment. Their research and development team has spent many years looking for the best eco-friendly material that is good for the environment and the health. Their eco-friendly yoga mats are made of TPE material which is non-toxic, PVC free, phthalates free and free of any harmful chemicals unlike the traditional pvc, nbr, eva yoga mats which all contains carcinogen components. It is also odor-free and latex free unlike rubber yoga mats. TPE material is biodegradable, hence real eco-friendly.
Sports and the City® see each customer as their friend and family. They encourage customers to discuss with them about the products and develop their products based on customer feedbacks.


Head over to the Sports and the City® webpage and check out the yoga mats and yoga clothing they are offering!
I’ll also have some brochures of their latest products in my studio soon, so pick up a copy next time you’re there.

Last not least it is my pleasure to provide you with the special discount code “MENDOCINOHEALING” that allows you to enjoy a 15% off your purchase on the Sports and the City® webpage.


My reviews on yoga products of Sports in the City® are coming soon. So stay tuned!
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Sending you many blessings from my heart to yours,
Tanja Alexandra Kern

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