Discover the Magic of Mala Beads

August 4, 2017
Tanja Alexandra Kern

Discover the Magic of Mala Beads

Before we dive into the amazing benefits of using Mala Beads, let’s begin by exploring the definition of a Japa Mala.

The Sanskrit word “japa” refers to the repetition of a mantra or sacred word and can be translated to “muttering”.

The word “mala” means “garland” and represents a set of beads that can be worn as jewelry, and is traditionally used in meditation and intention setting.

A full mala consists of 108 (auspicious number) beads and one Guru bead or Sumeru, which is larger. You can find smaller malas with 54 beads (+1) or bracelet malas with 27 beads (+1), which can be repeated several times to achieve the full number of 108.

Malas, rosaries and prayer beads, have been used in many cultures since ancient times.

You may have noticed that many yogis adorn themselves with malas, and you can see them in the hands of Buddhist monks, spiritual seekers, on altars, or wrapped around deities. However, you don’t have to be religious to wear or use mala beads.

The oftentimes handmade necklaces are not only beautiful but also hold the energy frequencies of your prayers, mantras and intentions. For that reason you may like to consider choosing crystal, wood or seed beads. Let yourself be drawn to the one that resonates with you. Some people prefer several malas for different purposes.

Are you ready to discover the magic of using mala beads?

Manifest Your Dreams
Empower your prayers, intentions and mantras by using your mala beads to repeat your words with devotion and sincerity 108 times. Close your eyes and gently let your fingers guide you along your beads. Feel the energy of your words within yourself.

Focus and Mental Clarity
As you focus on the repetition of the mantra, your mind lets go of thinking and worrying. The repetition becomes a meditation and supports you in calming your breath, soothing your mind and enhancing your mood.

Anchor Your Intention
As you move through your day, let your beads be a reminder to stay focused on your intentions. Gently touch the beads to balance and ground you.

Magic, Growth and Transformation
As you repeat your mantra (your intention) you can feel the energy of the words increasing over time. In addition, the beads are holding and enhancing the energy vibration. Mantra is considered one of the highest of all yogic practices.
Raise your awareness, feel the connection to all beings, and cultivate love, and compassion through your mantra practice.

If you are interested in obtaining your own mala or mala bracelet(s), be the first to choose yours! The above photo features my latest designs. All gemstone/crystal malas are handmade with love and infused with Reiki energy. If your style has already been sold, you can order a new one or request a personalized mala that meets your needs for energy/color and style.

May the magic of mala beads support you in fulfilling your dreams!

Many blessings from my heart to yours,

Tanja Alexandra Kern


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