The Secret of Self-Empowerment ~ Part 2

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Welcome to the follow-up of our previous blog. We’ll continue to explore further secret tools for self-empowerment.

How have the first two suggestions been working for you?

Let’s look at our next one…

3. Don’t Take Things Personally

“How much time he gains
who does not look to see what his neighbor says or does or thinks,
but only at what he does himself, to make it just and holy.”

~ Marcus Aurelius

Believe me, ...

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The Secret of Self-Empowerment

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Are you ready to release stress, tension and take a burden off your shoulders?

Are you open to finding new ways to achieving personal freedom, inner peace, serenity, and content?

Re-connect to your inner strength and empower yourself from the inside out!
Even if you haven’t been able yet to realize your potentials, allow me to support, encourage and guide you on your journey.

Let’s explore some of the secrets to living a self-empowered life….

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How to Open Yourself up to Love

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Guide to Opening Up the Heart Chakra: 5 Tips on Ways to Open Your Heart Chakra

Love is in the Air. Red roses, chocolate hearts, and teddy bears start popping up everywhere around us and we realize that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.
Valentine’s Day offers us a lovely reminder to celebrate love.

Please remember, that whether you are in a relationship or ...

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What You Resist Persists & How to Break Free

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“What you resist not only persists, but will grow in size.”
~ Carl Gustav Jung

Whenever we find ourselves feeling unhappy or discontent, the chances are that we are resisting or judging something.
And the more we dislike the circumstance, thought, our body image, or avoid feeling a specific emotion, the more we attract those things to us.
The more we procrastinate, the less creative we can be, because we ...

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8 Day Yoga Challenge

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Greetings to you, dearest reader, can you believe it is already 2017?

Most of us have been more sedentary over the holidays and colder/rainy or even snowy winter weather.

So, here’s my challenge to inspire your yoga practice in the new year:

To all of you who haven’t done yoga before, beginners or if haven’t practice in a while: The time to begin (again) is ...

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New Year ~ New You ~ The Happiness Course :)

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Mendocino Healing

Discover Optimal Health, Happiness and Wellbeing.

New Year, New You

Join our upcoming Happiness Course!

The New Year is approaching and with it our Hopes, Dreams and Resolutions for a Healthy, Happy and Wonderful New Year!

Kick off the new year with our Happiness Course!

Manifest the Year of Your Dreams!

Our Happiness Course is designed to explore ancient wisdom traditions and holistic modalities to help support you in Believing in Yourself, and ...

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Homemade Aromatherapy Gift Guide for the Holidays

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Still looking for the perfect present?
This holiday create your own homemade gifts for your family and friends!
Handmade products carry your individual signature and will be unique and special. In addition you can make sure that only the best, organic, vegan, and fresh ingredients find their way into your products.
Go ahead and buy some nice jars, ribbons, and labels to make your gifts look amazing!

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