A Sacred Self-Care Ritual for You

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Many of us lead very busy lives. Ironically, the more stress we have, the less inclined we are to take time for ourselves.

I invite you to turn this pattern around by investing in your health and well-being first.

You don’t have to wait for a retreat in an exotic location or the long awaited vacation to relax and refresh your spirits.

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The Secret to Self-Empowerment ~ Part 4

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Greetings and welcome to part 4 of our series “The Secret to Self-Empowerment”! I am happy you are here and thank you for your interest and support!

Have you been able to apply some of the principles the earlier articles talked about? How has it been going for you?

In case you are a new subscriber, a big welcome to you! You can find our earlier articles here:
– ...

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Spring Awakening: 5 Ways to Be More Alert this Spring

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As the days are slowly warming up, it is time to leave winter sluggishness behind and to revamp our energies.

Here are 5 ways to be more alert this spring.

  1. Morning Meditation

Get up 15 minutes earlier and make it to your meditation cushion or a comfortable spot where you can sit undisturbed for a little while. If you like, light a candle, play some relaxing music, and set ...

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The Secret of Self-Empowerment ~ Part 2

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Welcome to the follow-up of our previous blog. We’ll continue to explore further secret tools for self-empowerment.

How have the first two suggestions been working for you?

Let’s look at our next one…

3. Don’t Take Things Personally

“How much time he gains
who does not look to see what his neighbor says or does or thinks,
but only at what he does himself, to make it just and holy.”

~ Marcus Aurelius

Believe me, ...

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The Secret of Self-Empowerment

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Are you ready to release stress, tension and take a burden off your shoulders?

Are you open to finding new ways to achieving personal freedom, inner peace, serenity, and content?

Re-connect to your inner strength and empower yourself from the inside out!
Even if you haven’t been able yet to realize your potentials, allow me to support, encourage and guide you on your journey.

Let’s explore some of the secrets to living a self-empowered life….

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New Year ~ New You ~ The Happiness Course :)

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Mendocino Healing

Discover Optimal Health, Happiness and Wellbeing.

New Year, New You

Join our upcoming Happiness Course!

The New Year is approaching and with it our Hopes, Dreams and Resolutions for a Healthy, Happy and Wonderful New Year!

Kick off the new year with our Happiness Course!

Manifest the Year of Your Dreams!

Our Happiness Course is designed to explore ancient wisdom traditions and holistic modalities to help support you in Believing in Yourself, and ...

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Pranayama Workshop coming up

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 “For breath is life,
and if you breathe well
you will live long on earth.”
~Sanskrit proverb

Becoming aware of the way we breathe can help us balance our mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Conscious breath supports well-being, reduces anxiety, increases focus and energy levels and releases stress and tension from our mind and body.

By applying pranayama and practicing regular breathing techniques, we become in control not only of the way we breathe, but ...

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Discover the Power of Your Breath

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Discover how to Keep Calm and Focused through the Power of your Breath!

Are you looking for an simple yet effective way to release stress and tension?

Do you need to calm your mind when going to sleep or waking up in the middle of the night?
Breath-work is a simple method of bringing serenity, and tranquility to your body, as well as mindfulness and focus to your mind.
Focusing on ...

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“New Year ~ New You” Workshop

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It’s a New Year!
Let the new You shine!

Boost your energy and vitality;
Invite serenity and peacefulness;
Manifest your Dreams;
Balance your body, mind, spirit and emotions!
Take your yoga practice deeper and your awareness to a new level!

Come and explore the “New Year ~ New You” Workshop that targets all of the above.
You can pick and choose; Attend the whole workshop ...

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