6 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress and Tension – Part 2

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4. Take time for yourself – for pure enjoyment
When we feel stressed it seems the most challenging to take time for ourselves to just pause and reset. We come up with reasons why we need to run the errands first, work on our to do list, call someone, clean the house, etc. before we allow ourselves the moment to just sit down with a cup of tea and relax. Here’s a gentle reminder that once we bring ourselves into balance again, we will be way more effective, kind, joyful and patient with everything that still needs to be done. Take the time to read a few pages of your book, drink a cup of tea without doing anything else, take a class, go for a walk, dance on the beach, sing out loud, take a bath, or anything that soothes, energized and refreshes you. You are worth it and deserve to take care of yourself first! Then everybody around you will wonder how you handle all your tasks with a beautiful smile on your face.


5. Listen to Music
Allow your stress to dissipate as you turn on your favorite song that may even inspire you to break into a spontaneous dance. Allow yourself to feel the music with your whole body, filling your heart with joy, sing along and enjoy being alive. If you play an instrument, this would be an invitation to connect with your musical instrument and play your favorite song for yourself or all your fans out there. Going to the Symphony, Opera or a Concert are also great ways to allow your heart to rejoice and any stress to melt away.


6. Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy offers many ways to relieve your stress and tension. First of all it is important to check in with yourself about your intention. Instead of feeling stressed do you wish to be fully relaxed, more focused, cheerful, centered or refreshed? You may answer yes to all of these options and it is possible to create a special blend that will need all of your needs. For the quick stress relief, however, it may be beneficial to have one essential oil handy, for example a calming and relaxing scent, like pure lavender essential oil, to inhale right out of the bottle, add to a diffuser or a tissue that you can place close to where you are.

Wishing you the best in health, happiness and total relaxation!




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